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Creating a Reactjs Component that Renders Nested Children Components Inside

If you want to pass some nested HTML elements or components to be rendered in a specific place by a parent component in react.js and create some reusable components that define the surrounding structure like defining a generic dialog or modal component to wrap arbitrary elements in, in this quick tips episode, you will learn how. Above is the vid and below you will find some useful notes.
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    Rendering a Nested Component in React.js

    • Create the app using npx create-react-app
      npx create-react-app quick-tips-react-children
    • Start the app
      npm start
    • Create the parent component using the children property
      import React from 'react';
      const ParentComponent = (props) => {
          return (
                  <p>Parent component</p>
                  <p>After children content</p>
      export default ParentComponent;
    • Use the parent component and nest some components inside it
              rel="noopener noreferrer">
              Learn React
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