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Why marketing matters even if you are "just" a software developer

I remember some conversations my friends and I used to have a long time ago.  They were obviously about many things, but in particular, I remember the most those about creating applications or even awesome games as a solo thing or maybe as part of a bigger entrepreneurial endeavor (ok, ok! even about smaller ones too). We were dreamers, you know, just like you, and dreaming was awesome!, exhilarating also.  We used to have this lengthy talks about what we could do with our current or yet to acquire skills and how well we could do, planning that incredible future that was almost within our grasp that we could almost taste it (cliche I know). But then, at the highest point in the conversation, someone would say something silly like, “yeah sure, but, how can we make a living with our ideas, how can we even reach the ones that could be interested in our ideas, we know nothing about selling stuff”, and then all those little dreams that we were building just crumbled like an old