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Creating a Docker container for a NodeJs application

This is a simple Docker tutorial for creating your first NodeJs container, above is the vid and below you will find the steps followed. Steps Pre-reqs Have node.js installed And docker installed Create an incredibly simple node app Create your first container  Build and Run your new container Create your simple node app npm init create the index.js Create a dockerfile Include container with node preinstalled:  FROM node Create default/working directory:  WORKDIR /usr/src/app Copy package.json to workdir and install dependencies (not really needed for this app but you might need it😊):   COPY package.json . RUN npm install Copy the rest of the app (just the index.js file in this case) COPY . . Add a command to run when this container is started CMD [ "node" , "index.js" ] Build & Run Build the container: docker build -t my-node-app .  Run the container docker run my-node-app Resources Docker