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How to integrate TensorflowJs and Unity by Creating a simple guessing game

This is a Tensorflow.js tutorial for integrating a javascript library with Unity, above is the vid and below you will find some of the steps followed. 1.Pre-reqs Have Unity installed Have node.js installed 2.Create the game using the Unity editor 3.Integrate unity with a javascript library like tensorflow.js - Calling a javascript library from unity Create a class in unity with the methods that you already have in javascript > Real "GetPrediction" method for using in webgl [DllImport("__Internal")] publicstaticexternintGetPrediction(int valueToPredict); > Debug "GetPrediction" method for using inside the editor #if UNITY_EDITORpublicstaticintGetPrediction(int valueToPredict) { Debug.Log("Called GetPredi…