Metamorph: How to create the Hello World’s state Diagram in Enterprise Architect

In order to use a State Diagram modeled in Enterprise Architect you have to do following steps:

  • Create a new Enterprise Architect project or open an existing one.
  • Create two new packages called HelloWorld and Turnstile.


  • The results should look like this (ignoring any other project packages):


  • Right click Turnstile Package and click on add a new element.


  • Choose the StateMachine type from the drop down list.


  • Write Turnstile in the name field and click Ok.


  • Double click on the Turnstile StateMachine Diagram:


  • Add an Initial State from the toolbox.


  • Add a state from the toolbox and type Locked in the name field.


  • Add the Unlocked state by following the same step as above, the results should look like this:


  • Add the transitions as shown in the following diagram:


  • Double click on the transition that goes from Locked to Unlocked and type “coin” in the Link name field.


  • Do the same for the other transitions as shown in the following diagram:


  • Double click on the transition called coin and type Metamorph.Examples.HelloWorld.UnlockCondition in the guard field and Metamorph.Examples.HelloWorld.UnlockAction in the effect field.


  • Do the same for the following transitions:
Source Target Transition Action
Locked Locked pass Metamorph.Examples.HelloWorld.SoundAlarmAction
Unlocked Locked pass Metamorph.Examples.HelloWorld.LockAction
Unlocked Unlocked coin SendMessageAction

The results should look like this:


  • Select the Turnstile Package created earlier and click on the Export package to XMI file menu item


  • Type the file name and folder in the Filename field. The dialog box should look like this:


Click on the Export button.

  • Finally we need to convert the StateMachine.xmi to a format that Metamorph undestands. In order to do this one final step is required.
    • Find the Uml2Xml Converter console application located in the Metamorph distribution under Support Tools.
    • Execute the following command line: Uml2XmlConverter C:\ StateMachine.xmi StateMachine.xml

OK. We are good to go :D

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