My first Post!

After giving a lot of thought and after a little motivation, i have decided at last to create mi own Blog and along with it my first Post, and along with them my first contributions to the web or well my second first contributions to the web. To be honest this has not been an easy task, but here I am trying to write this very first post and in some way trying to show what I really want to achieve with my Blog.

The truth is that I have spent some of my time procrastinating things, I procrastinated the making of my blog, I procrastinated the development of “x” idea, the post, everything was left to be done some time in the future, in the far future.  And after so many times that I left everything for some other time, I ended up beginning with my first Blog (luckily for me I ended up doing something positive).  I postponed everything thinking about what many have experienced too, insecurity, I thought that I did not know enough, that perhaps my contributions, some of them (I hope not all of them) would be worth nothing, etc., but then i realized, there’s always someone who might like to read about those unworthy thoughts  :D, hey I have done it myself, and ended up reading a lot of posts, pretty good posts by the way.

Then finally I cheered up, and the result is this, my first post.
So going into a little more detail but not getting into any, i will be mentioning here little by little some of the projects I have been working in, I will post some information about technology, things I like, and so forth, to sum up every thought, idea, etc., that goes through my mind and that seems to be interesting.

Finally I want to have some fun and to learn quite much creating some applications and frameworks that in addition of being of help to me, can help others in their ideas and developments, it will be interesting.

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